Unself News

So, "where the fuck have we been?" you're asking. Working on this new website, of course! Entering 2018 we have a lot of exciting stuff in the oven. First of all Unself will turn 3 in a couple of months. We celebrate in style with the collection which will put our crow on new parts of your body. No, not that part...I'm talking about your legs. We got oversized shorts for boys and super comfortable skirt for girls coming really soon.  Sleeveless tees, dresses and a lot of surprising prints and designs. Besides that we now have a super fast FedEx Next Day International shipping option for those who absolutely cannot wait to get our stuff. Can't blame them! And last but not least: We want to give you a special code that will be active until the end of 2017 and will help you get through the holiday season with a little less debt. Use GIVEMEUNSELF to get 10% off. Please let us know if you hate something particular about our new website. You can also express love if you absolutely have to.


Pavel from Unself.

Pavel Bolo